Welcome to VK Tetra – the home of Amateur TETRA radio in Australia.

I’m Craig – VK2CJC. I built Australia’s first amateur radio Tetra gateway, and have since been working with fellow amateurs to expand the network of Tetra gateways and repeaters in Australia.

The VK Tetra network is an amateur radio network of linked Tetra gateways and repeaters. The network allows you to use commercial grade Tetra radios such as the Motorola MTH800, MTM800e or Sepura STP or SRG range of radios to talk to other armatures both here in Australia, and overseas.

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Latest News

28th August, 2023

VKTETRA is back! I’ve recently moved house and finally have had a chance to get everything TETRA back up and running.

VK2CJC-L is back up and running too, providing TETRA coverage to the south eastern part of Brisbane, and North Stradbroke Island.

About TETRA Radio

TETRA radio is similar to P25 and DMR in that it is a digital mode that utilises 4 timeslots per channel. TETRA offers a range of services on top of the usual push to talk, including SMS, private calling, PSTN calling, APRS integration and more.

If you’re interested in purchasing a TETRA radio to use the system, take a look at the purchasing guide which contains a wealth of information to get you up and running.

Keen to build your own gateway and provide amateur TETRA services in your area? Take a look at the build guide, and get in touch via the Contact Me page for help.