Our network allows us to connect and communicate with others here in Australia and around the world via Tetra radio.

By using the network, you agree to follow these basic rules which are subject to change from time to time.

Important: breaking the rules may lead to a temporarily ban from the system. Serious misconduct or repeat offenders may be permanently banned.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Network Rules

  1. Licensed amateur radio operators only – You must hold a current and active amateur radio license to use the VK tetra network. The network is not to be used for non-amateur radio traffic (e.g commercial traffic).
  2. Be kind, patient and considerate of others – Remember that you’re talking to a global audience when you key up on one of the talkgroups. Our talkgroups (including 505) can be heard in many countries outside of Australia.
  3. Accept that things wont always be perfect – The network is built by amateurs, for amateurs – and quite often is maintained between work, kids, home life and other responsibilities. There’s bound to be a few bugs every now and again.
  4. Keep non-Tetra traffic off Tetra talkgroups – With the exception of talkgroup 505901, please only transmit Tetra traffic on all Tetra talkgroups. Don’t link Tetra talkgroups with other modes (like P25, XLX, DMR, Analogue etc), and don’t link two or more Tetra talkgroups together. Echolink has access to 505, and should only be used by a single user via the Echolink app, not as a method to link other modes or systems.

    If you’re interested in requesting an additional talkgroup for non-Tetra traffic, please contact me.
  5. Remember to leave gaps – Just as you do today with other modes, remember to leave gaps between transmissions to allow others to break in, or change talkgroups if they wish. A good rule of thumb is to count to 5 before replying.
  6. Please use English on TG505 – The main calling channel TG 505 is primarily used within Australia where English is spoken. Please use English when talking on TG505. You may use any language you wish on any of the VK TAC channels (VK TAC 1, VK TAC 2, VK TAC 3, VK TAC 4, VK TAC 5)
  7. Use the VK TAC channels for chats – TG 505 is the main calling channel in Australia. If you wish to have a longer QSO, or group chat, please consider moving to one of the VK TAC channels (talkgroup information) if 505 is busy.
  8. Please don’t KERCHUNK the network – Kerchunking is where you quickly press and let go of the PTT button without saying anything. On an analogue system, the repeater would make a “Kerchunk” sound when anyone did this. Over the Tetra network, you won’t hear anything back from the gateway if you Kerchunk. If you’re testing, announce your callsign when you key up so others know what’s going on.