Free Radio Programming

If you already own a suitable Motorola or Sepura TETRA radio, and would like me to program your radio for you to be able to use the TETRA gateway here in Sydney, I will program the radio for you for free. You will need to supply me with your Amateur radio callsign, and DMR ID as these will be programmed in to the radio.

All I ask is that you pay for shipping in both directions, or that you are able to drop off/pick up the radio from me in person. I am based on the lower north shore of Sydney, NSW.

If you’re interested in this offer, please contact me

A list of radios I can program for you

I have the nessecary software and cables to program the following TETRA Radios:


  • MTP800
  • MTH850
  • CEP400
  • MTM800e
  • MTM5400


  • SRG3900
  • SRH3500
  • STP9000/9100/9200 Series

I have a radio that’s not on the above list, can you help me?

I can certainly try! Contact me and let me know what radio you have, and what you’re trying to do.

Can you send me programming software?

No. There are various methods of obtaining programming software for TETRA radios. My advice is to reach out to Motorola or Sepura directly to ask them for a license.

I live outside of Australia. Can you program my radio?

Yes. I’d be more than happy to assist you! All I ask is that you pay for shipping in both directions.

My Sepura Radio is locked with a PUK code – can you help?

Some second hand Sepura radios for sale on eBay are locked with a code that prevents them from being wiped/re-programmed. You MUST have the correct code to unlock the radio, otherwise the radio cannot be programmed.

Generally speaking, the seller would have access to the code from their Radio Manager software. Each radio typically has a unique code, but often RM administrators may set the code the same across the fleet. There’s no well to tell from hold a radio in your hand.

Can you program my radio to listen to the police/ambulance/fire/something other than amateur radio

No. I will not program any radio to receive AND/OR transmit on any frequency other than amateur radio frequencies that are permitted by law within the country you reside in. Zero exceptions.

If you are looking to program privately licensed frequencies into your radio – such as those owned by your workplace, you will need to ask your TETRA network administrator to program your radio for you. I do not offer this service. I will also be unable to add amateur frequencies to a radio that you use at work.