VK2ERG-L Gateway Status: Gateway Offline

Earnest (VK2ERG) runs a TETRA gateway in Kellyville.

The gateway is linked to talk group 505 by default, which can also be heard on VK2CJC-L – Sydney CBD Tetra gateway.

Accessing the gateway

To use the TETRA gateway, you must use a TETRA UHF radio that’s capable of transmitting and receiving on 439.250 in DMO mode.

CallsignVK2ERG-L (appears as EL-VK2ERG on aprs.fi)
Gateway Idents every 60 minutes on the hour
FrequencyTX: t.b.d
RX: t.b.d
Type: DMO
Tetra DetailsMCC: 901
MNC: 16383
Timeout180 seconds (3 minutes)
EcholinkNode 475538 (Connected to VK2JC-L)
P25 BridgeTetra talk group 505901 is bridged to P25 talk group 10444

To have your TETRA radio location appear on aprs.fi, submit your DMR ID, name and location via the Contact me form.

If you need help with programming your TETRA radio, feel free to Contact me

Internet Link

The TETRA gateway is linked to the internet via SVXLink to a global network of Tetra Repeaters in Australia, other countries, and to Echolink. There are a number of talk groups available within the system.

You can view the current Tetra System Dashboard here: VK TETRA Dashboard

By default, the gateway listens on TG 505 (Australia). If someone changes the talk group to something other than 505 and no audio is transmitted or received after 30 seconds the gateway will revert back to TG 505.

Additional talk groups are available. You can see the list of available talkgroups on the Talkgroups page