Ham shack hotline

If you’re wanting to contact me, you can call me via the ham shack hotline network.

My extension: 50164 (VK2CJC)

Not familiar with the ham shack hotline service? Check out their website and sign up today! http://www.hamshackhotline.com


Of course, you can get in contact with me via radio (callsign VK2CJC).

I’m generally listening on:

ModeFrequency/Channel/Talk Group
TetraTalk group 505
P25Talk group 10444 or 10700
AnalogueManly, NSW Repeater VHF


I’m easily contactable via Telegram.
Telegram: Contact @vk2cjc

Time Zone

Just a friendly reminder that I’m based in Sydney, Australia. To check the current time in Sydney, click here

I’m generally available during the day/evenings.